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Other Links


If you are looking for a place to download DC/Marvel’s comic books, I’m sure getcomics.info is absolutely the best place. First, its update speed is very quick. You can download the latest books as soon as they are released by the officials. 


The website name is clear enough: a place where you can read comic book online without downloading them. In fact, I don’t like reading comics online or even on screen. The reason why I recommend this web is that sometimes I need to read some pretty old comics (e.g. comics released in 20C40s) to dig deep and find more information about a character.

The index of this web is more friendly than getcomics.info. You can easily find what you want within a second. It has more ads than getcomics.info and the load time is longer, but it’s understandable.


A good place to look for subtitles.


I usually download mp3s from this site. You can find some cartoon ost there.