Take A Look at Harley Quinn TAS First Trailer

Take A Look at Harley Quinn TAS First Trailer

On Oct.3th, 2018, Warner Bros. TV released the first Harley Quinn Animated Series trailer on Youtube

Yeah, the classic 90s Harley Quinn is coming back!

As we can see in this trailer, Bats will definitey show up in the series. I think the Joker will be in it, too. I bet she couldn’t forget her little pudding. He doesn’t come up in this video. Maybe he will make his special appearance in the second or third trailer.

Another big news about this TAS is that:

“Kaley Cuoco stars as the voice of Gotham’s criminal queenpin Harley Quinn in the new animated series for the DC UNIVERSE digital subscription service.” Says Warner Bros. TV.

Kaley is known as playing Penny in the famous TV show The Big Bang Theory.

This Harley sounds a bit different. Negatively different. But It’s hard to tell whether Kaley voices well or bad, because only one video was released. Well, we’ll just see about that. And to be honest, I can’t say I like this video, for the cartoon looks cheesy. The cartoon seems to be made 10 years ago.

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