Green Lantern The Animated Series Review And Download

Green Lantern The Animated Series Review And Download

Green Lantern: The Animated Series  | TV Series (2011–2013) 25min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (2011–2013) Summary: The further adventures of Hal Jordan and his comrades of the Green Lantern Corps.
Countries: USALanguages: English

It’s a great green lantern cartoon series! The Executive Producer is Bruce Timm, which reminds me of my favorite DC cartoon series: Batman TAS. I am not a GL fan, but I still love this TAS, so if you are interested in DC cartoons or GL, you definitely should not miss this one. I believe you will not regret watching it.

Main characters: Hal Jordan(one of our most popular green lanterns), Razer (the only Red Lantern in the team), Aya (It’s sad that I don’t think I can meet an AI like her in my whole life), and Kilowog (A friend in need is a friend indeed).

It took me a lot of time to find this 720p download link and after that, I think it’s necessary for me to build a website to store those links that I have found and to share my thoughts. And my Chrome bookmark’s been a mess since I put so many links into it without naming them properly…Anyway, although it is not 1080p, it’s still very clear. Feel free to download it: Mega link 1;; (key: 1voe);

After I watched Green Lantern: First Flight, I chose to watch this cartoon series. I watched Beware the Batman before, and that series was not to my liking. One of the reasons is that I didn’t get used to watching CG cartoons, so I was afraid that I couldn’t enjoy the GL series, either. Thank goodness, I was wrong. Although I still don’t like that 3D style very much, the story and characters of GL TAS  is attractive and interesting enough to let me ignore what I don’t prefer.

Episode Recommendation: 1-2, 6, 8, 11-13, 21

I disliked Razer in the very beginning. The reason is simple: he’s bad, he’s been brainwashed by Atrocitus and he’s been overwhelmed by rage and revenge. I don’t think people will like an insane guy. By the way, “Razer”…reminds me of a brand. OK, we have a famous basketball player who is also called Jordan, huh. After he joins the team I still don’t believe him (he looks somewhat frightening) until he discovers that it is Atrocitus who kills his wife.

I didn’t expect Mogo to become a Green Lantern. As I said before, I am not a true GL fan, so I didn’t know a planet could be a hero until I watched episode 06. I used to think that a hero must be a human/alien or at least a living creature. When I was watching this episode in, a bullet comment (or you can say danmaku) said: “The GL in this planet is the planet itself!” And my first reaction is: What? A planet? ! How could it be? How can a planet use the green lantern energy to fight enemies?

E06 is Saint Walker’s first appearance in the whole series. The encounter between Saint Walker and Razer is quite similar to some plots in Chinese Wuxia novels: A man with high fighting techniques meets a boy who’s rude, reckless and irritable. You can see Saint Walker uses Dianxue to immobilize Razer in order to end their fighting.

He’s my favorite character in this cartoon. I am not a good-tempered person and sometimes I become angry very easily like those Red Lanterns do. Saint Walker is the person who I wish I could be. He’s never going to be mad or irrational as RL. If I had a chance to choose a Corp to join, I would choose the blue one without doubt. (Actually I think I would be chosen by the red one in most cases…) He’s always as optimistic as the Flash, and he never gives up, like the Bats.Do you guys remember what Bats said in Justice League S02E06? In that episode, Doctor Destiny is wondering why Batman is a member of JL.

Dr. Destiny: “But you’re different. You don’t have any special powers.”
Batman: “Oh I have one, Jonny.”

“I never give up.”

Nadara (in S08) is one of the cutest creatures. They look like some…big big onions with tentacles. They’re totally harmless and friendly to humans. They can’t speak, though, but they can understand you. They are good listeners and will always listen to you if you make friends with them.

And E021 is the funniest episode. Lanterns use their rings to translate when they communicate with creatures speaking another languages, so what will happen if their rings are out of power?  I could’t help myself laughing when I saw Hal making gestures trying to explain what he said in vain. It is a gift for us after the heartbreaking episode 20.

However, when I watched E22-26, it seems that I was a watching an old fashion romantic tv series — the whole universe was turned upside down because Aya failed to handle the relationship between she and Razer (Can you just not wear his dead wife face?). And in these episodes Razer became immature, too. No wonder Hal always calls Razer “kid”. Sometimes he acts just like a kid. The ending of the series is … it came out in a rush.

Unfortunately, GL TAS has been cut after season one. The reason of cancelling seems to be the poor toy sale…which is a bit nonsense in my opinion. I hope there will be a season 2. After all, Young Justice finally has its season 3 five years after the release of season 2.

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